The New BHero Ticket Allocation System

We proudly present to you the new BHero Ticket Allocation System.  The BHAT Token is minted, and it will soon be publicly listed and available to all of you to get and stake. As a result, we can now offer a well-developed glimpse into how the Launchpads tickets will be allocated to BHAT and EGLD stakers based on their staked amounts and the time spent staked.

Disclosure: Design & Numbers might slightly change.

BHero Launchpad Ticket Allocation Explanation and Examples

In this article, we will look through why the BHero team has included a system to consider staking time and how that will affect the tier eligibility for all participants.

What are the Main Reasons Behind the New Time Considering System?

Well, here are the main reasons for the BHero system:

  1. First, to avoid 1-day snapshot opportunists that stake small amounts for a short period just to get into a public sale, eventually leading to fewer KYCs illegally traded via OTC.
  2. Rewarding Long Term investors that stake for an extended period and showing real skin in the game and desire to be part of the BH Network Hub community.
  3. Setting an even fairer way to access tickets considering that even holders with smaller amounts of BHAT and EGLD will be able to build up their level. That level will allow more ticket allocation and, as a result, more chances for the future Public Sales if they stay consistent in staking.
  4. Setting a system that encourages re-staking to keep leveling up and discourages unstaking due to a punishment method that makes the long-term continuous stakers get the most ticket allocation.
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That being said, meet your BHero, on the “My BHero” page.

BHero Ticket Allocation

First of all, to understand the whole concept, let us explain the terms.

Note: Numbers and final strategy are subject to change, all examples from now are so you can understand the concept.

1. Experience (Exp)

The Exp is countable data, stored off-chain, based on the staking, NFTs bonus, unstaking punishments, and burning rates. Experience is to be distributed based on a daily snapshot routine. That total amount of experience stored off-chain for a wallet will give the current level of that wallet.

2. Gross Daily Experience Rate

The gross daily experience rate is the total experience an address gets daily based on the BHAT Stake/MGStaking EGLD Stake/Any SP EGLD Stake and the NFT Bonus.


Gross Daily Experience Rate = (BHAT Stake Daily Rate + MGStaking EGLD Stake Daily Rate + Any SP EGLD Stake Daily Rate) + NFT Bonus.

  • BHAT Stake Daily Rate – 250 staked BHAT => 3.5 Daily EXP. (Minimum of 1,000 BHAT required)
  • MGStaking EGLD Stake Daily Rate – 1 EGLD staked with MGStaking  => 1.0 Daily EXP.
  • Any SP EGLD Stake Daily Rate –  1 EGLD staked with any SP  => 0.5 Daily EXP.

*Note 1: If BHAT Stake is under 1,000 BHAT, no Exp will be distributed on that day.

*Note 2: The more BHAT and EGLD a holder stakes, the faster the level ladder climbing.

3. NFT Bonus

The NFTs metadata has a “Rank” attribute giving a bonus experience.


  • Private – 2% Bonus EXP
  • Green Corporal – 4% Bonus EXP
  • Blue Sergeant – 6% Bonus EXP
  • Red Sergeant Major – 8% Bonus EXP
  • White Lieutenant – 10% Bonus EXP
  • Grey Captain – 12% Bonus EXP
  • Black Major – 14% Bonus EXP
  • Golden Colonel – 16% Bonus EXP
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4. Daily Experience Burn Rate

Every level has a specific daily burn rate. Experience has to be burned daily for two reasons:

  1. Put pressure on restaking. – Users won’t be able to advance in level after a certain level because their Daily Experience Rate is less than the Daily Burning Rate
  2. To ensure a smooth level decrease in time after unstaking.

5. Net Daily Experience Rate

Net daily experience rate is after the daily level-specific experience is burned.

Formula: Net Daily Experience Rate = Gross Daily Experience Rate – Daily Experience Burn Rate.

6. Punishment

Any BHAT unstake will lead to a punishment that will burn 40% of the whole user’s level. (If a level 10 user unstakes any amount, their level after punishment will be 6.)

In short, this would be the formula:

Net Daily Experience Rate = (BHAT Stake Daily Rate + MGStaking EGLD Stake Daily Rate + Any SP EGLD Stake Daily Rate) + NFT Bonus – Daily Experience Burn Rate.

Important Observation 1

If the Gross Daily Experience Rate is lower than the Daily Experience Burn rate, a user will not advance in level.

Important Observation 2

Time spent in staking is very important, as is the amount. The bigger the stake the faster you level up and the higher you can climb the level ladder.

Important Observation 3

The experience required to reach a level grows from one level to the next. It does not grow with a fixed amount but grows based on an exponential function, making levels harder to achieve as one gets closer to the 40th Level.


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