We are excited to announce the dates for the next BHero Launchpad public sales – Sense4FIT token and NFTs – Stay FIT for everyone, everywhere!

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The first things that all participants should understand are:

  1. Your My-BHero level will be considered for the number of tickets and NFTs you can buy
  2. The token sale will be lottery-based, and the NFT sale will be first-come-first-served

Sense 4FIT is the second project to use the BHero level system, so ensure you have the level you desire to buy the number of tickets and/or NFTs you want.

About Sense4FIT

Sense4FIT is on a mission to revolutionise the Wellness Industry and help millions of people discover the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle by making fitness fun, exciting, and accessible through gamification, Fit to Earn (F2E), competitions with friends, and rewards.

About the Sense4FIT Token Public Sale

The Sense4FIT token public sale will allow all BHero level holders early access to buy tickets and get the chance to win the opportunity to get the project tokens while the prices are still low – providing you with part of the future of wellness.

About the Sense4FIT NFT Public Sale

The first collection of Sense4FIT NFTs will provide all holders with early access to in-app gameplay and extra benefits yet to be announced.

Sense4FIT Public Sale Dates

Please be aware that the sale dates for the tokens and NFTs are different. Below, we have listed the dates you need to know to get the best chance of getting your tickets and NFTs.

Token Sale Dates and Prices

  • KYC Open for Applications: September 26th – October 9th
  • KYC Closed: October 9th at 23:59 UTC
  • KYC Final Processing by AML/Trustee: October 10th
  • Purchase Lottery Tickets: Start October 11th at 00:01 UTC – End October 12th at 23:59 UTC
  • Token Ticket Price: $50 (USD) in EGLD. The parity in eGLD will be decided on October 10th
  • Lottery Draw and Winners Announced & Winners can claim their tokens / eGLD: October 13th at 15:00 UTC

More information will be available on the BHero dashboard soon.

Note: The number of token tickets you will be eligible for is your BHero level x2. For example, if your BHero level is 5, you can buy any amount up to and including 10 Sense4FIT token tickets.

NFT Sale Dates and Prices

  • KYC Open for Applications: October 14th – October 16th
  • KYC Closed: October 16th at 23:59 UTC
  • KYC Final Processing by AML/Trustee: October 17th
  • Mint Day: October 18th at 15:00 UTC
  • Mint Price: 1 NFT = 1 EGLD

Note: The number of NFTs you will be eligible to mint is your BHero level x5. For example, if your BHero level is 5, you can buy any amount up to and including 25 Sense4FIT NFTs.

Additional Information You Need to Know

  • If you have completed and passed your KYC for any project on the BHero Launchpad, you do not need to complete it again if it has not expired. Likewise, if you complete your KYC for the token public sale, you will not need to complete it again for the NFT minting
  • The Sense4FIT token sale will be lottery based
  • The Sense4FIT NFT sale will be first-come-first-served

Please check your dashboard to see if you have passed the KYC if you are unsure.

Learn more about Sense4FIT: https://sense4fit.io/

My BHero level and frequently asked questions: https://bhero.com/my-bhero

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