$BHAT – The Primary Token for the BHero Launchpad

The first thing to note is that $BHAT will be the primary token for the level system, and without it, you cannot participate in any launchpad project without staking $BHAT.

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EGLD no longer has a stand in your ticket allocation, no matter how much EGLD you have or where it is staked.

The only staking that is indefinitely available and will count towards your BHero EXP is on https://maiar.exchange/metastaking.

Ticket Allocation Levels

Leveling up your BHero ticket allocation uses an algorithm based around $BHAT and BHAT LP Tokens.

If you have less than 1,000 Staked BHAT during a snapshot, no EXP will be distributed that day, and, as a result, the burn will decrease your total experience.

The more BHAT you stake, and the more BHATWEGLD LP tokens you hold, the more EXP you gain, and the faster you increase your level on BHero, providing you with higher ticket allocation for the next launchpad project, which is almost here!

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Future BHAT Staking Use

The $BHAT staking system will also count towards a similar rewards system in the upcoming BH Network freelancer marketplace, allowing buyers and sellers to reduce fees down to zero, in some cases permanently.

Unstaking $BHAT

Always be sure that you want to unstake your BHAT before you do, as any unstake will lead to an instant reduction of 40% of your level.

For example: If you are at BHero level 10 before unstaking and you unstake any amount, your level will instantly drop to level 6.

That mechanism will work for every unstake that you complete.

  • For example: If you are at BHero level 10 before unstaking the first time, you will drop to level 6, as pointed out above. If you unstake again, you will drop another 40%, taking you to level 4.

That level-reduction mechanism keeps bad actors away from the BHero Launchpad and future projects and satisfies long-term shareholders.

The best way to avoid the level burn mechanism is to have a different wallet address that you do not touch, other than for gaining EXP on your BHero level.

Note: The maximum level that you can reach is LV40. Level 40 will give you eligibility to buy 40 tickets.

Remember, you can always stake more BHAT with that wallet or add more liquidity to the LP to increase your level.


Removing BHATWEGLD LP Tokens carries a similar level-reduction punishment to unstaking BHAT (The section above).

However, instead of a 40% decrease in level (as with unstaking BHAT), removing BHATWEGLD LP Tokens results in a 20% level reduction.

Therefore, if you are level 10 and remove any BHATWEGLD LP Tokens, your level will reduce to 8.

The BHAT Ticket System Conclusion


  • You cannot participate in any future BHero launchpad without at least 1,000 $BHAT.
  • LP Tokens only increase your BHero level if you are simultaneously staking at least1,000+ $BHAT.

Upcoming Launchpads to look out for:

If you want to buy the BH Agents NFTs to increase your level for these upcoming projects, you will need to look on marketplaces such as XOXNO, as the NFT minting was sold out in 70 minutes!

Check out the BH Agents NFT Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Please visit the technical article that includes all formulas to learn more about the level system.

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